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 What we do as Virtual CFO ?

Many fast growing startups and small & medium size businesses need dynamic support in financial decisions. Businesses need experienced partners to sail them through financial issues. As requirement analysis, we provide very flexible, cost effective, time bound VIRTUAL CFO SERVICES PLAN. Entire support is through Video Conference and Telecom.

With experience more than 17 years in financial services with different industries, we support startups and companies in following ways :

  • To act as Virtual CFO (Chief Finance Officer)
  • To guide and assist in making business plan
  • Guidance for right structuring of deals
  • Advising Indian Firms to Set-up Overseas Companies
  • We advise Indian Companies to set-up Business in Other Countries

Other Important Virtual CFO Services are :

  • Financial Advisory

    Virtual CFO gives monetary direction based on the need. An appropriate financial planning paves the way for the growth of the business. With this, senior administration can concentrate on the important zones without contemplating the budgetary issues.

  • Cash Flow Forecasting

    The other fundamental help of the virtual CFO is to forecast cash flows. Organizations must have better comprehension of cash position to take right choice. You more likely than not made appropriate cash arrangements to meet the future commitments. It helps in taking choice with respect to what amount of fund is required?

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